Re: Trying to set up Mac Ref--HELP!!

JayHill (
Wed, 14 Aug 1996 00:13:51 -0700

Brett Schechter wrote:WhitePine does indeed sell Mac reflector versions.

> For a 50 user license, the price is $899. How good ...

get the white pines reflector , anything else and you lock out the color

> I currently have an ISDN line,
>... My current thought is to go with T-1
> PacBell, at a whopping $2700 install and $2200/month!!! Divorce court here
> we come! Is this too much bandwidth? Alternatives??

t1 might be too much if your not broadcasting 24 hours (like NASA ) or
something 'extra'
most reflectors run empty most of the time...

2 or 3 isdn lines would be plenty of bandwidth for 10 modem cuseeme
users on your reflector but im not sure if you
can patch together isdn resources this easyly.

please let us know the IP when you get it going...