Re: IR Lighting

JayHill (
Wed, 14 Aug 1996 04:15:57 -0400 (EDT)

Steven Rogers wrote:
> >At 19:11 13/08/96 -0400, Francisco Neria wrote:
> >Your idea sounded so interesting for me that a few moments ago, here at home
> >I made an experiment.
> >
> >On a dark room, I turned on an Infraphil Phillips infrared lamp (150W) and
> >aimed the QuickCam to the same target. Result: An image with better
> >definition than with normal incandescent lamps. Shortcoming of the test:
> >This lamps have a *lot* of visible red components, because are the ones used
> >for medical purposes, and not intended to be pure IR sources.
> If the QuickCam lens is not color corrected (and it probably isn't) then
> using light of one color (any color) would improve the image quality
> slightly.

i read on somebodys web page about hackking the b&W quickcam
and adding a red filter to get rid of flicker or