Andrew B. Covell (
Wed, 14 Aug 1996 09:16:16 EDT

> > Seems to me that CU-SeeMe would be ideal as a tool for internal
> > surveillance or monitoring, since it is cheap and can run over a
> > regular old LAN just fine. You don't even need expensive capture
> > hardware. Is anyone out there doing this? If so, I'd like to hear from
> > you.
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> > Andy Covell
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Guess I hit a nerve with the surveillance part of my query. In any
case I got a couple of private replies from people who use low end digital
video for surveillance to prevent theft, and one from a person who has
assisted federal agents in setting up a surveillance that gets kicked
off by a motion detector. This, he claims, has actually reduced
costs, and led to some significant arrests.

I really like the response from the person who wired his home and
monitors his children and with CU-SeeMe. This is the sort
of creativity that people need to excercise to match technology to
their needs. Sure CU-SeeMe was designed primarily as a
videoconferencing tool, but it is also used often for a one-to-many
broadcast tool....and as someone said, it is a natural for many small
business applications where quality isn't such an issue. Monitoring
and surveillance are such applications I think...which brings me to
the other issue which no one really addressed, and that's the
monitoring part. By monitoring, I wasn't so much thinking of
monitoring human, but monitoring a process, for example a
manufacturing process or some other non-security related event or
non-event. Anyone doing anything interesting along those lines (more
interesting than a coffee pot?).

Andy Covell