RE: The future of CU-SEEME-L

John W.Osborne (
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 21:07:17 +-1000

Well, since you asked.....

My reaction to a split is a generally unfavourable one. Clueless people
will post to -all- the areas (this happens whenever a group in Usenet
splits into more "distinct" areas) thereby trebling the amount of mail
the rest of us would receive.

For example, the Delphi areas in Usenet were, at the time when I
originally subscribed to them, split into 3 areas. Now there are
six. And I see the same messages posted to all six groups instead
of three. But I must subscribe to all six, or I miss the occasional
"nugget" of good info/news from people who know how to post and
where. The rest is a waste of space.

My experience with White Pine's online support (if you put Email in
the "online" category) has been quite good, with responses to some
pretty weird questions being turned around in hours. And if Bill Woodland
has a problem with answering questions on White Pine's or Cornell's
behalf, it is better that he make the objection.

All in all, the majority of the questions I see here have been asked and
answered many times. And there is heaps of info available in many FAQ
lists. I think it's preferable for a newbie (or, in some cases, people just
too lazy to find the stuff and read it) to ask in a central location, like here,
and get the direction and/or answer, that other newbies will see too,
potentially cutting down on posts to the "other" list areas you are proposing
that they didn't know about.

Perhaps, rather than individual mail messages, a digest format would serve
you/others better. I thought that facility was already available, but I have
not persued it. I find my Delete button works quite well, and messages
I am not interested in are generally readily identified by the subject

If not, then creation of such a beastie would by -my- personal preference.

My second choice would be to leave things as they are.

I really don't know what purpose making things moderated would achieve.
Conversations/threads occasionally drift way off topic but generally only
last for days and then die a natural death. It's not as if there is alot of
bashing that goes on in here like some of the operating system wars that
take place elsewhere.

Regards, John

From: Dennis J. Streveler[]
Sent: Thursday, 15 August 1996 19:21
Subject: The future of CU-SEEME-L

Bangkok, Thursday August 15

Sawasdee, krub. Greetings from Bangkok,

After getting my email up and running here (after three days "on the road"
in Japan) I was flooded with about 75 messages from this list. After
reading through them, I became discouraged about the use of this list, and
its utility.

I think it is time that we suggest to the powers-that-be that this list be
broken into three separate lists:

1) Future directions of CU/ECU

A moderated discussion of technologies, competition, features, technical

2) Technical support

White Pine is either too lazy or too incompetent to do its own tech
support. So it sits back and offers just about NO (online) tech support
through this list, relying on saint Bill Woodland and others to do their
job for them. I find this appalling.

3) CU Events & Reflectors

Timely info re "what's on" CU.

If the list were so segmented, then when one is (extra) busy or away from
homebase, one could unsubscribe or suspend those portions which were of no
utility without missing some important CU news. What do you'all think?
(This kind of breakdown is similar to that used by RealAudio and by
Internet Phone lists.)


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