The future of CU-SEEME-L

Dennis J. Streveler (
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 17:21:29 +0800

Bangkok, Thursday August 15

Sawasdee, krub. Greetings from Bangkok,

After getting my email up and running here (after three days "on the road"
in Japan) I was flooded with about 75 messages from this list. After
reading through them, I became discouraged about the use of this list, and
its utility.

I think it is time that we suggest to the powers-that-be that this list be
broken into three separate lists:

1) Future directions of CU/ECU

A moderated discussion of technologies, competition, features, technical

2) Technical support

White Pine is either too lazy or too incompetent to do its own tech
support. So it sits back and offers just about NO (online) tech support
through this list, relying on saint Bill Woodland and others to do their
job for them. I find this appalling.

3) CU Events & Reflectors

Timely info re "what's on" CU.

If the list were so segmented, then when one is (extra) busy or away from
homebase, one could unsubscribe or suspend those portions which were of no
utility without missing some important CU news. What do you'all think?
(This kind of breakdown is similar to that used by RealAudio and by
Internet Phone lists.)


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