still no work!

feorlen (
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 08:33:32 -0500

Several people sent me helpful suggestions and I was on irc with someone
for over an hour last night and still have not gotten a successful

Once I got an empty dialog box with an ok button (from white pine, one of
many tries) all other attempts only get "no response from" whatever. I have
tried this with the Cornell beta and the White Pine demo and still the same

I tried to connect to the person that was helping me last night and no
diferent, although he did say that i was connected for about a minute
several times. My window shows "connecting" for about 15 sec then goes back
to "waiting" and i get the no response error. What could be going on here?
I have tried probably 50 different reflectors, some described as "sure
things" and even a point-to-point connection. Surely not *all* of these
could be down at the same time?

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