how to adjust transmittion rate for ISDN

Hitoshi ASAEDA (
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 23:37:13 +0900

Hi, everyone.

I think my question is FAQ, maybe, but I couldn't find good answer
or idea. Pls forgive me.

I have a ECU on Mac and I've been seeing and speaking with my
colleague who have also ECU. When we are on our LAN and connect
to a Reflector, we've never failed to see/speak each other. But I
cannot see his motions and hear his voice at all when I connect
through ISDN line(64Kbps), even if he is on a LAN. Only I can find
his picture (not video).
I've ever heard we can use ECU on a phone line, i.e. with modem
(14.4/28.8K), so our problem was caused by data transmittion rate,
I guess.

If you have any experience to setup ECU for ISDN or phone line
with modem, please notify it.

And, I'm sorry but, since I don't know how to setup "codec" for
Mac, point me for its detail information if you have some of it.

Otherwise, I can setup for ISDN communication only with

I appreciate any comments. Thanks.

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