B&W Quickcam BETA driver for Windows NT now available

Bill Woodland (wcw@bga.com)
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 23:44:09 -0500

A friend of mine just got this info from Connectix, and I thought I should
share it with anyone interested in Windows NT Quickcam drivers:

>Here is what I found out about NT quickcam drivers.
>From: Ron Bates
>Subject: Re: Windows NT question
>Date: Thursday, August 15, 1996 3:05PM
> The greyscale NT driver is still in beta, however, because of a large
>demand for it, we have made this an open beta. To date, the driver appears
>pretty solid. It's been tested under 3.51 and also under NT 4.0 beta 2. If
>it will work under 4.0 release, it should, however, we have no way of
>guaranteeing that as Microsoft could(although it's pretty long odds they
>won't) make some drastic change in the release version. The color driver
>will be at least a few months down the road. If you are interested in trying
>the greyscale beta, please check the following URL and PLEASE(caps for
>emphasis, not for yelling :) ) read the following faq for info regarding
>reporting problems. Thanks for your time.
> -Ron
>Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:
>Why is Connectix doing an Open Beta with the Grayscale QuickCam Driver
>for Windows NT?
>Many customers have requested a driver for the Grayscale QuickCam under
>Windows NT. In fact, we promised to have the driver available in July.
>Our QA department is very confident that this driver is stable. However,
>we would like to get it to a wider audience to insure this stability.
>Since Windows NT is a new operating system for us to support, we want to
>start slowly. The Technical Support staff is in training and will be
>ready to support Windows NT fully in the coming weeks.
>When will the Grayscale QuickCam Driver be released?
>We hope to release it officially by the end of August.
>What does the Installer include?
>The installer includes all files necessary to use the Grayscale QuickCam
>with a Video for Windows compatible application under the Windows NT
>operating system. We do not include a Windows NT version of QuickPICT or
>QuickMovie, they are still in development. Users will need to have an
>application that runs under Windows NT (such as Premiere, CUSEEME,
>VIDCAP, etc.)
>Will this driver work with the Color QuickCam?
>No, this driver is designed for the grayscale QuickCam only! It will not
>support the Color QuickCam. We are investigating development of a Color
>QuickCam driver for Windows NT but do not have a schedule or a release
>date at this time.
>What Technical Support is available for the Open beta?
>Connectix will not support this Open Beta release through our standard
>telephone, electronic mail or online service support systems. Connectix
>will support the final release of the Windows NT Driver for the Grayscale
>QuickCam when it is released.
>If the user would like to report a problem with the installer or the
>driver, please send mail to: thunder@connectix.com. Again, this email
>address can not be used for support issues.
>Can I use VideoPhone with this driver under Windows NT?
>No, the current version of VideoPhone, 1.1.2 , does not work under
>Windows NT. Connectix is working on the problem and a future release of
>VideoPhone will support Windows NT.

das da faq, jaq

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