New location for White Pine Reflector.

Brian O'Shea (
Fri, 16 Aug 1996 03:47:28 -0400

The White Pine public reflector has moved:



It's now located closer to the big bandwidth pipe, and is running on a Sparc
20 that does nothing but serve ftp downloads, and run the reflector.

It's running a 2.1 Beta version of the reflector. One of the "features" of
the reflector is that it will no longer allow old versions of CU-SeeMe to
connect. This was done because the "old" clients did not have the more
advanced rate control functionality, and could be bandwidth hogs. The current
version of the Cornell MAC and PC clients will work, and since they are freely
available, if you have an old version that is not allowed to acces the WP
reflector, you can download the latest version from Cornell, or get a Demo
version of the Enhanced CU-SeeMe client, or you could even purchase one.

We've added several single user "self-reflect" conferences that allow only 1
user, with a time-limit of 15 minutes. This allows new users to connect in
and see that they are actually sending things across the great wide internet,
and coming back to them. There also ought to be at least one self-reflect
conference open for testing, for those people who complain that reflectors are
always full. There is one idiosyncracy with the PC clients. After you
connect to a self reflect conference, and assuming you have video capability,
you may appear in the participants list as a lurker. If this happens you
should turn off sending of video, and then turn it back on again. You should
then be able to see yourself as others do.

We've also increased the overall number of users that can connect by adding
two more general purpose conferences that will handle another 15 users each.


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