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>>On Fri, 16 Aug 1996, Christopher M Sedore wrote:
>>I'm new to the list, and must state that socio-political discussion is/=20
>>was not my original intent. However, the guantlet being cast I would=20
>>interject some simple Randian missives. To wit, corporations have=20
>>facilitated the ease with which I may convey this transmission. =20
>no they haven't...
>people have..
>the definition of a corporation?
>a legal construct for absolving personal responsibility..
No, the definition of a corporation, in the context of this discussion, is
as follows:

"a body formed and authorized by law to act as a single person although
constituted by one of more persons and legally endowed with various rights
and duties including the capacity of succession"

-- Websters New Collegiate Dictionary, 1977 edition

In practice, the officers of a corporation may be criminally liable for a
number of different activities. The stockholders (investors) in a
corporation are absolved from personal liability, with regard to their
assets, for anything beyond the amount of their investment in the=

However, as millions of people across the country, form billionaires to
school children own stock in numerous corporations, there is some truth to
your statement that people have "facilitated the ease with which I may
convey this transmission." They have done so through investing in
corporations, which in turn have invested in the human resources to bring
this about.

Finally, some amount of socio/political discussion is probably inevitable on
any list where subjects which invite such discussion are broached. And such
subjects will always come up from time to time because we, as human beings,
are political by nature, as would be expected from any highly developed
communal species where the goals of the individual are given any
consideration at all. =20

Kent Starr
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