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Ahmad Al-Alaiwat (
Fri, 16 Aug 1996 23:49:13 +0300

I agree with the below 100%.

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Subject: RE: Surviellance/Monitoring

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>More than you know Schwan! But don't knock the military schwan or the usa.
At least we have our freedom to choose and evade this great (hehehe)
judicial system of ours. Besides, the only reason people pick on the
military is because they are always deemed as UNWORTHY which is a fallacy.

with respect, the US military is not what it used to be..

sometimes it seems to us non-Americans that a single USA soldiers life is
more important than a childs life, if that child happens to be black or
indonesian or muslim or other....

sitting in the sky with hi-tech weapons they blast away indiscriminately at
civilians like they did in Somalia and other places..

a soldiers life is one of risk and he/she knows this when he enlists..

i for one have always admired bravery under fire but it seems that American
soldiers are less ands less prepared to take ANY risks...

And why did they fire tomahawks at Sadaam when they coulda sent in a swat
team to take him out like they should've?

oh, they hit a civilian or two..

acceptable casualties are fine as long as they are civilians?


face it, the American dream is in tatters..maybe it's time to vote someone
in who is NOT a republican OR democrat..

sheesh, an you call democracy a two party state?

finished RANT....