Problems with color QuickCam and CU-SEEME

Heloisa Ramalho (
Fri, 16 Aug 1996 17:55:39 -0300

Hi all,
I have a color Quickcam and it is working very well with the software that
came with it (QuickPict and QuickMovie), also it is working very well with
CineVideo Direct which is another videoconferencing software.
But I can't make it work with CU-SEEME. I managed to create the HOSTS file
all right. One of two things happens: (1) If I call Trumpet Winsock first,
then I can see no video windows at all, as if CU-SEEME didn't detect the
camera; or (2) If Winsock is not running, only a blank screen appears, with
some lines scattered.
The same is happening either in WIN 3.1 and WIN 95. In the latter case I
already checked everything as suggested by some mailers in this list and
everything seems to be perfectly all right.
The most strange of all is that other softwares are working fine.
I am beginning to think that CU-SEEME doesn't work with QuickCam. Does
anybody else have any suggestion to help me?