Re:Problems with color QuickCam and CU-SEEME

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Fri, 16 Aug 1996 23:33:36 -0500

>Date: Fri, 16 Aug 1996 17:55:39 -0300
>From: (Heloisa Ramalho)
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>Subject: Problems with color QuickCam and CU-SEEME
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>Hi all,
>I have a color Quickcam and it is working very well with the software that
>came with it (QuickPict and QuickMovie), also it is working very well with
>CineVideo Direct which is another videoconferencing software.
>But I can't make it work with CU-SEEME. I managed to create the HOSTS file
>all right. One of two things happens: (1) If I call Trumpet Winsock first,
>then I can see no video windows at all, as if CU-SEEME didn't detect the
>camera; or (2) If Winsock is not running, only a blank screen appears, with
>some lines scattered.
>The same is happening either in WIN 3.1 and WIN 95. In the latter case I
>already checked everything as suggested by some mailers in this list and
>everything seems to be perfectly all right.
>The most strange of all is that other softwares are working fine.
>I am beginning to think that CU-SEEME doesn't work with QuickCam. Does
>anybody else have any suggestion to help me?

FINALLY a CU-SeeMe related question (can we cut out all of this political
BS, please?).

You didn't give much in the way of details, so I'll answer as well as possible.

You MUST be connected to internet before starting up CU-SeeMe, whether you
are using win 3.1 or win95.

You should at least see your local video window before connecting to another
individual or to a reflector.

You MUST use the White Pine version of CU-seeMe to use the COLOR quickcam.
The Cornell client does not, and never has supported the color Quickcam.

Follow these instructions to get your COLOR Quickcam to work with the
ENHANCED version of CU-seeMe:

>edit the cuseeme.ini file
>find the [capture settings] section
>change the line CaptureDepth= from 24 to 16
>save and exit
>startup Enhanced CU-SeeMe (user gets an all-white local video window)
>go to preferences - change codec to color.

If this doesn't solve your problem, email me directly and I'll work with you
(even if Cornell and White Pine aren't PAYING me for this kind of support).

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