Re: Video Capture Card

John P. Roxburgh (
Fri, 16 Aug 1996 23:42:59 -0800

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>>Surplus Direct is running a sell on VisionTime Gold by Specom for $129.99
>>Comes with "Capture Card" and videoconferencing software.
>Hi List,
>Thanks for the tip but it's not on the list.

FWIW, I bought a Vision Time Gold and it seems to work. That is, the color
balance is off and does not seem to be adjustable, but my respondent *is*
getting an image. The B/W image is fine, and works reasonably well with
Cornell CUSM. I have not been able to send audio with Enhanced CUSM, though
it does come through with Cornell. If anyone can shed any light on these
problems, I'd appreciate it.

The main reason not to buy Vision Time Gold is the price. Basically, Vision
Time is Specom's videoconferencing software which is designed to connect two
computers, both of which have to be running the software. Specom claims
that "Vision Time works with ISDN line and Internet" but the manual does not
explain how; it refers only to connecting the two computers directly with
modems. Also, this software does not do voice: Specom's solution to adding
voice to a videoconference is to use DSVD modems (preferably theirs).

The Gold version bundles the software with a video capture board which turns
out to be a Captivator card from Videologic. This seems like a pretty solid
piece of hardware, and has connectors for both composite and SVideo (4-pin
DIN) inputs. However, since the street price of the card alone is just
under $100, you would be paying an extra 30 bucks for a software package
which, if you mainly want to run CU-SeeMe, you may have no use for.