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>>On Fri, 16 Aug 1996, Christopher M Sedore wrote:
>>I'm new to the list, and must state that socio-political discussion is/
>>was not my original intent. However, the guantlet being cast I would
>>interject some simple Randian missives. To wit, corporations have
>>facilitated the ease with which I may convey this transmission.
>no they haven't...
>people have..
>the definition of a corporation?
>a legal construct for absolving personal responsibility..
Ladies and Gentlemen, please,
Not intending to be a full technician list... I am American, South American,
I do prefer to read about tech problem/solving instead a prob/prob (politics
is always a terrible problem and maybe we will never agree every other) Can
you Ladies and Gents keep talking (writing) about CUSM or ECU?

Here in my bornland, we had too much violence, too much terrorism, but that
is enough! We work it out to disappear or minize it. Could you? Thanks in
Best regards,

"Be thankful for problems. If they were less difficult, someone with
less ability might have your job"
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