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>Hahn Pham wrote:
>> I been connecting to some reflector but after a while a message appears
>> saying " Time Out, closed connection". I then tried to reconnect
>> again, it then give me a message of "No response". H
>sounds like the reflector has a timer that boots you off after 20
>minutes or so , to keep the system open for more useres.
>( or your isp just dumped )

Sounds to me like the settings are set too high. Make sure your max
settings are no higher than your actual connect speed, like 28 for a 28.8
modem, or 19 for a 14.4 modem (connecting at 19.2)

The most common problem with the Cornell client is the receive rate is set
to 300k as a default, and if you don't have a video device then you can't
change this setting without editing the c:\windows\cuseeme.ini file by hand.

Open up c:\windows\cuseeme.ini with NOTEPAD, find the [flow] section, and
change your recvmax= setting to match the speed of your modem. This has
fixed the problem for many users of the Cornell client.

Of course, if you are using the White Pine client and have your receive rate
set higher than your modem speed, you may have this problem, also. Click on
edit/preferences, then on the communications tab, and change your receive
settings in that dialog box.

>******************* note to WP
>it would be good to have reflectors pass a SIGN-OFF message of the day !
>( that would be a great place to list other new reflector IP;s ? )

Good idea, Jay...wish I'd thought of it. Might be kind of hard to
implement, but I bet it could be done.

I've noticed, tho, that they took one of my suggestions...the latest White
Pine reflector appends a "White Pine Reflector version xxxx" to the
beginning of the Message of the Day (MOTD). This at least lets you know
that the reflector will support COLOR. If you DON'T see that message, you
can bet that the reflector version is either an old Cornell one, or one of
the earlier White Pine versions.

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