RE: Trevor's sarcasm

Jerry Taylor (
Wed, 21 Aug 1996 00:23:32 GMT asked:

>What must I do when I'm connected to a reflector ?

"Trevor A. Kitzmann" sarcastically replied:

>maybe have a conversation. duhhh.
Trevor (is that REALLY your name??),

It's comments like YOURS that cause beginners to lose faith in listservs!
In addition to your public insult, I certainly hope you sent "Mhaydar" a
private reply offering him/her your help getting started. (Yeah, right!)

I'VE been struggling for some time trying to get CU-SeeMe operating properly
so that my middle-school students could benefit from using it. I'm SO happy
that YOU obviously have YOUR setup working properly. I guess "Mhaydar" and
I will just have to look *elsewhere* for help, huh?? ;-(

Jerry Taylor
Educational Technology Coordinator (and CU-SeeMe beginner)
Arcadia Middle School, Greece, NY
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