RE: Trevor's sarcasm

Ulrich Kliegis (
Wed, 21 Aug 1996 08:26:17 +0100

> Hmmmm...well...the question was so Open - ended that I would have
> been a fool not to have thrown a sarcastic humor at him. My
> apoligies to Mhaydar. First problem I see right away is that he is
> with AOL.COM. Fix that and then I can help.
Wasn't the question more sarcastic than the answer? If
videoconferencing means multimedial exchange, then I guess, yes, the
technology is there, but the users have not learnt yet to the
potentil full extent what to make of it. This may be different for
kids learning to handle the medium, like Jerry (earlier in this
thread) intends to teach them, but looking at bored faces (I never
want to be my monitor screen :) ! ) is certainly not what this is
good for. Most refs are too slow to transfer little mimical nuances
that make a face-to-face conversation so much more interesting than a
mere phone - or IRC - talk.

Just my post-breakfast thoughts...

Don't flame me, I'm only the keyboard player...

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