Efficient Audio stream (running Televox + CU-SeeMe together)

Ron Elkayam (relkay01@fiu.edu)
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 01:23:38 -0400 (EDT)

Hello boys and girls... Howwaya

I remember reading awhile ago that the audio on CU-SeeMe bites crud. I
was wondering if any of you tried running TeleVox by VoxWare in the
background for the audio portion for better performance?

TeleVox is an Internet phone application that has the best EVER
compression for voice. It pumps about 320bytes a second which is
AMAZINGLY low. The algorithm is optimized for a single human voice so if
you try playing music it sounds like a bunch of hiss. Anyhow, it's
the perfect add-on to CU-SeeMe since it leaves you with lotsa bandwidth
for the video data. VoxWare just released a newer version of TeleVox (I
haven't even d/l'ed it yet). Take a look at them: http://www.voxware.com

Oh yeah, their stuff is completely free and kicks Iphone 4.0's arse, IMHO.

They even give you their stand-alone encoder for free so you could
compress your WAV files and put them on your homepage (NO SERVER
NEEDED!) for streaming audio. They got a plugin for your browser and I
just love their stuff.