0.85b1 Mac CU-SeeMe

Richard Cogger (R.Cogger@cornell.edu)
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 15:04:29 -0400

Sender: RLC1@cornell.edu (Larry Chace)
Subject: New Mac Release 0.85b1

Folks, on behalf of Dick Cogger and the Cornell CU-SeeMe Development Team,
I'm pleased to announce the release of Macintosh CU-SeeMe Version 0.85b1.
This is a bug-fix version with some functional enhancements that will serve
as a base for future development.

CU-SeeMe0.85b1 BETA VERSION for (self-selected) Testers ONLY

CU-SeeMePPc0.0.85b1 and CU-SeeMe68k0.85b1 are now available. Both of
these are enhancements beyond the previous 0.83 series. Obtain by FTP to

***WARNING*** This is beta software. It has been tested through 3 alpha
releases and seems quite stable. As always, your mileage may vary.

If you pick it up and use it, you are volunteering to be a beta tester.
Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Larry Chace (RLC1@cornell.edu) member, CU-SeeMe Development Team

-----New in 0.85-----

This release is mainly a bug-fix release with some new features.

The most noteworthy changes are as follows:

1. Reduce the possibility of a system hang during "Quit".
2. Avoid random memory smashes on PPC machines.
3. Avoid a "push-to-crash" problem with the Audio Window "push to talk" button.
4. Improve the reliability of the Chat Window messages.
5. (Other small items too numerous and obscure to mention.)

New features:
1. Include a built-in Chat Window to functionally replace the Talk Window
plug-in routine. (See below for more comments on this feature.)
2. Detect color video being sent by White Pine's Enchanced CU-SeeMe and
identify it as such in the Participant List by showing the user "name" in
red. (Cornell's CU-SeeMe cannot decode color video -- at present -- and so
color senders have to be treated as "lurkers", just as if they are sending
no video at all.)

Details on the Chat Window:
1. This feature is built into CU-SeeMe and so all users of this version
will have it. There is no need to download the "TalkFM" program that was
used with previous versions, but that program, if available, can still be
2. The window can be re-sized in the normal fashion and the division
between "output" and "input" can be adjusted by dragging the "black bar" in
the "elevator".
3. The "Config" button can be used to change the font and size of the
window contents.
4. The "Filter" button can be used to enable or disable message filtering.

(Please note that this process can take several seconds -- don't panic!)
5. The "Reset" button can be used to eliminate all message filters.
6. If you want to filter out some user's messages, then just double-click
on the user's name in the output portion of the window. When the dialog
box comes up, check that you want to filter out these messages and click
"OK". You can also double-click the name to turn off the filtering of that
user's messages.
7. The messages are retained in memory, even if you have filtered them out,
so that you can turn off the filtering and see the messages once more.

------- DOCUMENTATION --------

1. README.0.85.basic.9-7-95.txt - This document, a consolidated readme
for Mac CU-SeeMe, as it exists in version 0.85b1, with no attempt to
detail differences from former versions.

2. README.changes.22Auf96.txt - a log of changes through the 0.70
series, the 0.80 series, the 0.83 series, and, now, the 0.85 beta.

------Copyright and Permission notice -------

Contained in the application's About and also in the README.0.85.basic...
file, it has been changed slightly: permission to modify has been deleted
(not very meaningful with binary only, will be spelled out for Plug-In
example sources), permissions granted explicitly only for the current
version, reserving the right to modify permissions with future releases.

--- End ---