Re: Trying to get full-duplex audio with 2 sound blasters

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Thu, 22 Aug 1996 18:38:14 -0500

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>>Hi. It's been my understanding for a while that one can get full
>>duplex audio using two half-duplex cards. Right now, we've got two Sound
>>Blaster Awe32's connected to a Pentium running Windoze 95. Win95 detects
>>both of them, and we have one set to play and the other set to record
>>audio. But still, CU-SeeMe is giving us only half-duplex, and does not
>>allow us to deselect that annoying Push To Talk button.
>>Does anyone have any ideas???
>You might try removing one of the SB cards. I have a Pentium, Win95 and
>one SB AWE32 card and I'm getting full duplex when using IPhone. I know
>you're talking about CU-SeeMe but what works for IPhone should work for
>CU-SeeMe too (I think).
>Bill Knauss

True. With the full duplex SB AWE32 drivers, only one sound card is necessary.

Thanks to Ron Elkayam for this info:

The AWE32 is Full Duplex by using the latest drivers from Creative Labs.
For windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups, you need TWO files:

Install them in that order.

For Windows 95, go to

and get AWECP95.EXE and SBW95UP.EXE

>From the web pages:

List of Full-Duplex audio cards

The following audio cards support Full-Duplex (both parties can talk at the
same time):

Sound Blaster 16
Sound Blaster Vibra 16
Sound Blaster 16 Value PnP
Sound Blaster 32 PnP
Sound Blaster AWE32
Sound Blaster AWE32 PnP
Turtle Beach Tropez
AcerMagic S23
ASB 16 Audio System
Diamond Multimedia TeleCommander 3500XL
Gravis UltraSound Max

Unfortunately, I have a SoundBlaster PRO, and they don't seem to have full
duplex drivers for this card.

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