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Thu, 22 Aug 1996 18:45:43 -0500

>Date: Thu, 22 Aug 1996 21:40:19 +1000
>From: Dennis Amor <>
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>Subject: wud luv to send!!
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>I have a VideoBlaster FS200 and have no problem receiving pictures with
>CU-SeeMe. But when I connect a videocam and try to send pictures my local
>video window just shows loads of hash and snow! I get the message "capture
>driver not installed properly" and "invalid handle"!
>Can any kind sir (or madam!) offer any ideas on how I can resolve this problem?

Go to File/Video setup (Cornell version) or Edit/Preferences/Video (White
Pine version) click on FORMAT, and choose 8 bit palettized mode, 120X160
pixels. I don't have an FS200 card, but I know that this is how the
Captivator card has to be setup.

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