What works?

Mark Goldstein (ae330@lafn.org)
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 22:21:30 -0700

I've just gotten interested in Cu-SeeMe as a lurker at work and I'm
looking to fix up my home system so I can use Cu-SeeMe. I know I need a
camera (like the Quickcam), but I'd like to know if I absolutely need a
28.8 or 36.6 modem for this to be acceptable. Right now I've got a 14.4

Also, the Cornell version of the software is only beta. Is that useable
for most purposes? I know it doesn't do color, but I'd rather save the
money that the White Pine version costs.

Thanks for any input on this. I want to un-lurk as soon as I can afford
it. :)

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