Image problems

Hahn Pham (
Fri, 23 Aug 1996 18:55:20 -0700

Hi there,

I just have install my Quickcam with windows 95. I tested with
Quickpic and Quickmovies the image was great, before I could load
CUSeeMe win 95 crashed on me. My friend then decided to install the new
version of win 95, Once finished, we try to tests with CUSeeMe, Quickpics
and Quickmovies but this time the picture was extremely poor (by 50%).
We don't know why this has happen. I try to adjust the brightness but
without any luck. My friend told me that he had deleted PCI driver
before installation, I'm now using Super VGA driver, does this affect the
quality of the picture at the transmittion and at the reciver ends? Where
can I get this driver? I don't have it because I bought PC from some one

Another problem I have encounter is when I go to File/Video Setup
it does not give me the Image format or Video source of the capture

My computer is P100 with 32Mb RAM and 2Gb Hard Drive.

Million thanks,

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