ECU (2.01) $ Win95

Joe (
Fri, 23 Aug 1996 13:58:51 +0000

Hello all,

Just wondering if anyone has encountered the problem of extremely slow
performance on a P90 system. I had to reinstall all of W95, along with just
about everything else on my HD.

So, the B/W Quickcam software is fresh, along with the updated software
from Connectix, the ECU software has just been installed so it has fresh
.INI's. It used to work just fine in the same system, same w95 platform.
Now I get less than 2 FPS while idle (not connected) and barely SEND 1 FPS
whereas before I attained 8-10 FPS while idle and when connected 3-5 FPS.

Even the Connectix software runs very S L O W L Y, the Quickpic program
generates the same 2 FPS!!!

To me it resembles the performance of the color Quickie, really slowing down
the system.

The system:

Pentium 90
40MB Ram
Win '95
ECU 2.01
Connectix Quickcam Software for Win 95 platform & Updated software from
there FTP.

Any suggestions??


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