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>Subject: Poor color on Quick Cam
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>I recently bought a color Quick Cam and am unhappy with the color. The
>color is not brilliant and worst of all the color changes to a
>yellowish-greenish color every several seconds. The problem is worse
>when I move around but still happens when I am perfectly still. Is this
>an inherent problem or should I return it for a new one?

I got this info from a friend on another mailing list, maybe this will help:

>I think you can greatly improve
>your picture, at the expense of speed, by making a few changes in the
>settings for the WhitePine color codec. Since you are on a 28.8 modem you
>cannot make all the adjustments, but you can improve the picture a little.
>When you go into the more advanced options for the color codec turn
>lossless luminescence on. This slows you down a little but the picture
>quality improves quite a bit. If you were on a LAN you could also turn on
>lossless chroma and turn the I smear factor down to 0. But just lossless
>luminescence should improve your picture.
>Art Busbey

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