Ron Elkayam (
Sat, 24 Aug 1996 01:53:16 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 23 Aug 1996, Bill Woodland (Squeek) wrote:

> >Does anyone have any experience witht he Diamond Stealth Video add-on
> >daughtercard the DTV1100 (Does TV stuff) ? I was going to return it cause
> >they shipped the wrong add-on card. Does it work with CUSEEME?
> I couldn't say for sure on this, but...
> >Will it work with CUDOODLE?
> ANY video capture card that has its own program to show the camera output to
> the screen will work with CUDOODLE. Use their software to get the picture
> on the screen and move it into the CUDOODLE capture area, and the image will
> be sent to yuor local video window, and out the modem.

Bill, I just commented about that in a seperate msg. It seems that
CUDoodle might not work with absolutely EVERYTHING. Just like we
previously heard statements regarding MS NetMeeting being able to share
every application - didn't prove right for me!:

I tried to share the Video Blaster CT6000 live preview screen (full color)
and it didn't work. It just sent a pink screen instead of moving images.
Now I know I have a configuration problem here, since I can't even capture
still images using the VideoKit (so it might have something to do with
this). But... Check this out - I did manage to get the Video Blaster
working with FreeVue. It works perfectly. Oh, I tried to share the
FreeVue screen also (using NetMeeting) and it sent a blank gray screen
instead of the B&W 0.3fps moving picture. (I like 0.3fps cuz it's crisp)

Oh, I gave up on trying to fix the VideoBlaster to work like it should.
It's probably impossible on my system anyways (I have 16MB and it's not
supposed to work on more than 8MB...). It's not even supposed to work
on Win95... So I'm happy at least FreeVue works. Oh yeah, and as soon as
I run FreeVue (which uses the VideoBlaster driver) my audio starts
stuttering and crapping out on me. And I couldn't manually resolve the
IRQ conflicts (impossible, I tried every combination).

So my rather messed-up & complicated set-up will do for now... For my
next system I'll probably get a Snappy (if I get a confirmation it does
indeed work with CUDoodle). For $150, it's one cool "capture-board"
(CUDoodle) slash awesome high-quality still-grabber slash portable
"Quickcam" (when integrated with a camcorder).

Anyhow, TTYL,