Ron Elkayam (
Sat, 24 Aug 1996 03:03:37 -0400 (EDT)

On Sat, 24 Aug 1996, MemCpl wrote:

> Hi Ron, Just wanted to mention that I had some slight problems with
> CUDOODLE once also but turned out to be my Video Card (Diamond Viper AHHHH)
> instead of the capture. and after switching to ATI Mach seems everything
> cleared up. So although Cudoodle may not work on a card or two I would have
> to give it a shot before dismissing a card I already have installed....
> (then break down and buy a QuickCam)

Yep, it's definitely wise to give it a try, BUT, in order to give the
public a better service, it's also fair to let them know that not
EVERYTHING works with CUDoodle. Some readers may be contemplating buying
a capture board in the near future and may go for something for which they
like the specs/price after having the impression it must work with

But then you said the problem was solved when you switched video cards,
which complicates matters.... And hmmmm, guess what... I have been skrood
by Diamond too (Speedstar 24x=a piece of odorless sht). Perhaps my
problems are also caused due to these God DAMN BASTARDS at Diamond and
their crappy drivers.

I swear to God if I buy another Diamond product (excluding Supra modems)
I'm a piece of dung.

> : For my
> : next system I'll probably get a Snappy (if I get a confirmation it does
> : indeed work with CUDoodle). For $150, it's one cool "capture-board"
> : (CUDoodle) slash awesome high-quality still-grabber slash portable
> : "Quickcam" (when integrated with a camcorder).
> I thought snappy ran the video through a TV monitor till you capture and
> save? then it goes to file but not actually to screen.. please let me know
> how this setup works.. would also be interested..

>From what I understood from Kent Starr (also a participant on this list
and a Snappy owner), you see the live video in a 160x120 B&W preview
window on Windows. He hasn't tried using CUDoodle on it, so I don't know
if it works or not (for sure). But as I said, if it does - I'll be
damned, it's the best solution ever. :)