RE: Private messages

John W.Osborne (
Sun, 25 Aug 1996 08:27:36 +-1000


The short answer : no.

The Long answer: if you want private chatting then either go into a
one-on-one connection (ie, don't use a reflector) or use internet
relay chat (IRC) at the same time and set up a private channel
instead of using CuSeeMe's chat window (whuch is my preferred
method especially because IRC is better at delivering the text anyhow).


From: John R. Farley[]
Sent: Sunday, 25 August 1996 1:27
Subject: Private messages

Does any Windows version of CUSEEME allow private chat
messages or is there a modification which will allow them?

Also, now that the cornell mac version 0.85b1 is out, is
the windows version still being worked on?

"John R. Farley" <>