ACER Notebook

Francisco Neira B. (
Sat, 24 Aug 96 23:13:19 -0400 (EDT)

I will appreciate your help very much as usual. My office assigned to me an
Acer "Acernote Light 350". A 100 MHz Pentium with 8MB RAM and with DOS and
W3.1 (Same versions I have at home. I tryed to install the QuickCam
software, but I get an error telling me: "Setup requires a different version
of Windows. Check to make sure that you are running Setup on the Windows
platform for which it is intended. Error 102"

Ouch! Parallel port is OK, keyboard energy is supplied, and DOS/Win versions
are the same... What can be happening? Should I omit this and install CUSM

Thanks in advance for your advise. :)

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