Number of domain names & IP addresses for reflector?

Brett Schechter (
Sun, 25 Aug 1996 08:46:24 -0800

Despite a momentary lapse into the sociopolitical abyss, my plan to create
a free reflector has progressed well. To date I have secured the reflector
software (please see the side bar below which details this fiasco!), NT
server machine and have signed the contract for T1 (DS1 at 1.54Mbps)

My new T1 provider has asked me to supply further information, such as how
many IP addresses or domains will be required. The entire reflector setup
is to include:

1) Router and CSU/DSU to terminate the T1, and bring it into a 100baseT
Hub. Hardware still unknown!

2) Dell 200Mhz Pentium Pro w/ NT Workstation 3.5.1 and 100BaseT card, this
machine will contain the White Pine 50 user NT Reflector Software.

3) PowerMac 7100/80AV using the on-board ethernet, this machine will
contain WebStar server software to both feed out and collect info from my
reflector users. This will PROBABLY also contain the CU-Seeme client, so
that my wife and I can transmit. I'm not certain if the NT reflector will
allow simultaneous reflector and client usage on one box. Can anybody
answer that?

4) Dell Pentium 166 with Win95 and White Pine Win95 50 user reflector
software. Ostensibly for backup, but envision using it for a separate
reflector for maybe 15 grad school alumni (Rice University in case any Owls
are out there!).

So my basic conundrum is learning the vagaries of NT, how many Ip
addresses, domain names, sub-domains etc. to ask for.

Now for the fiasco with White Pine, MacMall and the reflector software.
MacMall's latest catalog contains an offer for various White Pine Products,
including the Reflector 2.0 for PowerPC. Well, I called them twice to
confirm that this really exists. Each time, they read the product specs
and requirements, and it matched my cadre of PowerMacs well. I ordered the
50 user MACINTOSH reflector CD for $899.

However, not completely trusting the order takers at MacMall I had placed 3
or 4 calls to sales personnel at White Pine, and two e-mails for good
measure. Since a week had passed without a return call or e-mail, I called
back one more time. I finally pushed my way through to a regional sales
manager. She was completely without knowledge of her product line, and had
to ask somebody else in the office each time I asked a fairly simple
question--"Do you have Macintosh reflector software?" No, "then will your
Win95 software work with NT 3.5.1 and NT 4.0?" "I don't know." Blah,
blah. She could not even answer my simple questions about the relative
pricing of the NT software. AAAARRRGGGGHHHH!

Not believing her when she claimed MacMall was wrong, I ordered the
software. She was right. Not a stitch of Mac software was contained, but
even more amazing was that there was no NT or Win95 ref software included
either!! Even though the box claimed it to be in there. I also discovered
I had vastly overpaid, as this was not a 50 user ref, but instead a 50
CLIENT package. Of course, the CD had the serial number for a 50 user
reflector, not for the contained clients. So even the blunder was useless.
Feeling in need of Prozac or its other derivative brothers, I called White
Pine tech support.

Finally, somebody who had both used a computer in their life, and the
company's software! It has been straitened out. The offending MacMall ad
should be pulled soon, and White Pine VERY courteously sent a replacement
via next day air!!! Whewwww...

PS MacMall was very courteous as well, and I fear they were not to blame.

Sorry for the long winded post, but verbosity has its merits!