Re: ACER Notebook

Sun, 25 Aug 1996 12:00 -0500 (CDT)


Previous experience in another venue (Visual Basic) indicates that
you may have mis-matched OLE DLLs. I ran into the same error message
when trying to install an application on a client's system. Some installation
had acted improperly on the system (which had Microsoft Office installed)
and only partially installed a newer version of OLE. Windows doesn't
seem to care what version of OLE is on the system, but various setup
programs get *very* picky. As a trial, you might go to the Sheridan
Software Systems site (was and download/install
the OLE package they have there. It's not *better*, mind you, but
it is all of the same version/level. I suspect that may solve you

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..I will appreciate your help very much as usual. My office assigned to me an
..Acer "Acernote Light 350". A 100 MHz Pentium with 8MB RAM and with DOS and
..W3.1 (Same versions I have at home. I tryed to install the QuickCam, but I get an error telling me: "Setup requires a different version
..of Windows. Check to make sure that you are running Setup on the Windows
..platform for which it is intended. Error 102"