RE: Which QuickCam ? or is there something better ?

Ron Elkayam (
Mon, 26 Aug 1996 04:23:09 -0400 (EDT)

On Sat, 24 Aug 1996, Ahmad Al-Alaiwat wrote:

> Hi ..
> A friend of mine has 2 home video cameras. He was wondering wether to
> buy a QuickCam or to get a video capture card and use his existing
> cameras.

Probably the simplest, safest, least-problematic solution would be to get
the B&W QuickCam. It's cheap, it works with everything, it's easy to
install, and it's portable. You'd get better frame-rate with the B&W
QC compared to the color version, and people who have the color QC are
usually disappointed at the color-depth and overall performance.

However, if your friend wants to take advantage of the features on his
camcorder (such as low-lux [the lower the lux the less light is needed in
the room], auto-focus, zoom, time-stamp, etc) he might want to get a
capture card/device. I'd recommend getting a Snappy
( ) b/c on top of being able to use all the features
on your camcorder, you still get a portable device which lets you capture
extremely high-quality "stills" from any video source.

If you wanna kill two birds with one brick, get a Snappy: do CU-SeeMe, and
hook it to your VCR to do some image manipulation on home-movies or what
have you. Oh, you can't easily make moving animations, but if you have a
decent VCR, you could hit Pause and grab a frame by frame (or every 10
frames/whatever) and do mpegs/flics/qt's that way.