Snappy for Windows NT?

Gregory Harrison (
Mon, 26 Aug 1996 10:51:57 -0400


I was under the assumption that the Snappy only captured
stills. Following this thread, I guess it appears that there
is a path through to CU-SeeMe using the Snappy. Judging
from Play's website, Snappy is for Win 95 & 3.1, but not
necessarily for NT. Is the path into CUSM a direct one?
I thought someone said that you have to align a CUDOODLE
screen under the snappy output, or is it more automatic?

I guess that the output from Snappy somehow gets piped
into the CUSM input and CUSM does the video codec functions
in software. Is it possible to use a hardware codec and
thus relieve the client computer from having to perform
the extra overhead? Of course, none of that is
likely to be obtainable on NT. I don't understand why.
It seems like NT is such a good operating system. It
takes your computer up a couple of notches toward
real multi-tasking usability. The security features of the
NT file system are nice. Maybe the time of NT is
yet to come.


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