Re: Number of domain names & IP addresses for reflector?

Brian O'Shea (
Mon, 26 Aug 1996 11:03:40 -0400

>Despite a momentary lapse into the sociopolitical abyss, my plan to create
>a free reflector has progressed well. To date I have secured the reflector
>software (please see the side bar below which details this fiasco!), NT
>server machine and have signed the contract for T1 (DS1 at 1.54Mbps)
>My new T1 provider has asked me to supply further information, such as how
>many IP addresses or domains will be required. The entire reflector setup
>is to include:
>1) Router and CSU/DSU to terminate the T1, and bring it into a 100baseT
>Hub. Hardware still unknown!
>2) Dell 200Mhz Pentium Pro w/ NT Workstation 3.5.1 and 100BaseT card, this
>machine will contain the White Pine 50 user NT Reflector Software.
>3) PowerMac 7100/80AV using the on-board ethernet, this machine will
>contain WebStar server software to both feed out and collect info from my
>reflector users. This will PROBABLY also contain the CU-Seeme client, so
>that my wife and I can transmit. I'm not certain if the NT reflector will
>allow simultaneous reflector and client usage on one box. Can anybody
>answer that?

Nope. You can run a reflector, OR a client, but not both at the same time on
the same platform.

>4) Dell Pentium 166 with Win95 and White Pine Win95 50 user reflector
>software. Ostensibly for backup, but envision using it for a separate
>reflector for maybe 15 grad school alumni (Rice University in case any Owls
>are out there!).
>So my basic conundrum is learning the vagaries of NT, how many Ip
>addresses, domain names, sub-domains etc. to ask for.
>Now for the fiasco with White Pine, MacMall and the reflector software.
>MacMall's latest catalog contains an offer for various White Pine Products,
>including the Reflector 2.0 for PowerPC.

That's an NT PPC reflector. There's an NT reflector for the Alpha platform
too. I heard an unsubstantiated rumor that some of the MAC Client engineers
were porting the reflector to the MAC. :-)

>Well, I called them twice to
>confirm that this really exists. Each time, they read the product specs
>and requirements, and it matched my cadre of PowerMacs well. I ordered the
>50 user MACINTOSH reflector CD for $899.
>However, not completely trusting the order takers at MacMall I had placed 3
>or 4 calls to sales personnel at White Pine, and two e-mails for good
>measure. Since a week had passed without a return call or e-mail, I called
>back one more time. I finally pushed my way through to a regional sales
>manager. She was completely without knowledge of her product line, and had
>to ask somebody else in the office each time I asked a fairly simple
>question--"Do you have Macintosh reflector software?" No, "then will your
>Win95 software work with NT 3.5.1 and NT 4.0?" "I don't know." Blah,
>blah. She could not even answer my simple questions about the relative
>pricing of the NT software. AAAARRRGGGGHHHH!

Sorry for the confusion. I'll forward this to the VP of sales.

>Not believing her when she claimed MacMall was wrong, I ordered the
>software. She was right. Not a stitch of Mac software was contained, but
>even more amazing was that there was no NT or Win95 ref software included
>either!! Even though the box claimed it to be in there. I also discovered
>I had vastly overpaid, as this was not a 50 user ref, but instead a 50
>CLIENT package. Of course, the CD had the serial number for a 50 user
>reflector, not for the contained clients. So even the blunder was useless.
>Feeling in need of Prozac or its other derivative brothers, I called White
>Pine tech support.
>Finally, somebody who had both used a computer in their life, and the
>company's software! It has been straitened out. The offending MacMall ad
>should be pulled soon, and White Pine VERY courteously sent a replacement
>via next day air!!! Whewwww...
>PS MacMall was very courteous as well, and I fear they were not to blame.
>Sorry for the long winded post, but verbosity has its merits!

And we're sorry that you experienced confusion when attempting to purchase our
product. I will see that this mail message gets to the right people so that
this will be corrected in the future.


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