LiDaNe (lumal@NetHeaven.com)
Mon, 26 Aug 1996 19:39:36 -0500

Great News!
My ISP has returned CuSeeME!
Here is the letter annoucing the return with some very INTELLIGENT thinking:
Since we began blocking (most) UDP here, there has been an extended
discussion among some network operators of the bandwidth problem these
services pose and what to do about it. As an outcome, I've concluded
that it's inappropriate to block these services except where necessary
to protect our own network, so the block has been removed except for
our small sites in North Creek and Lake Placid. Even for these sites
we're not blocking anything except CU-SeeMe video, at least until we
see how things go.

While audio and video are the fastest growing and largest looming
congestion problem on the Internet, they aren't the biggest current
problem, and in the long run bandwidth sharing problems will be solved
by a bandwidth reservation protocol called RSVP. Applications that
need lots of bandwidth will be able to reserve it, allowing the costs
of the Internet infrastructure to handle the bandwidth to be recovered
from those who actually use it. This is really the right way to do
things in the long term anyway.

I differ with the majority (though I'm hardly alone) in my opinion
about how big a near-term problem UDP services will be, but we will
find out soon enough, and in the meantime I can't keep making
NetHeaven members sacrifice for the benefit of everyone else when
nobody is sacrificing for our benefit. If the Tragedy of the Commons
is going to play itself out, it will do so no matter what I do.

As an indication of just how bad things could get, the largest network
in Europe reported that just 3 CU-SeeMe sessions would shut down its
transatlantic link until a few months ago. They pressured the
development team into changing the way CU-SeeMe works, and it's not
nearly as bad now.

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