Snappy sleep mode can be disabled

Bill Woodland (
Tue, 27 Aug 1996 12:46:19 -0500

I just got off the phone with the Play Inc. people that make the SNAPPY, and
found out that the SLEEP mode can be disabled. Edit the
c:\windows\snappy.ini file with Notepad, find the line that says


and change it to FALSE, and the SNAPPY will never go into sleep mode again.
This causes more drain on the battery, but you can get an adapter from Radio
Shack or similar that has a 9V output, and just connect that to the battery
connector in place of the battery.

For more info on the SNAPPY, check out their web pages at or call them at 916-851-0800....the girl with the cute
voice that answers the phone is Mona...Tell her SQUEEK sent you :)

Don't forget...CUDOODLE is necessary to use the SNAPPY with CU-SeeMe, and it
can be found at:

I'm going to buy a SNAPPY, get me a video camera, and send Bill Neisius $20
for his wonderful contribution to the CU-SeeMe community!

Bill: Email your address to the list so maybe you can FINALLY make a few
bucks from this :)

(now where did my wife put that credit card?)

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