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Save yourself some money if you're going to call Play Inc. about the SNAPPY.
Their toll free number is 1-800-306-PLAY

SNAPCAP.EXE is an application designed to allow you to automate your Snappy
image capturing. If you have already purchased and installed Snappy you can
use SnapCAP to take pictures at preselected intervals. Use this program with
Snappy and a video camera to take pictures of special events, science
experiments and more.

SnapCap Features

Automates Snappy picture taking
Allows you to specify frequency in seconds, minutes or hours
Saves images in JPEG, GIF or BMP formats
Allows you to save to incrementally named files
Offers an easy to use interface
Built-in HTTP (web) server
Built-in FTP
Auto-start feature
New file naming codes

Windows 95 Version

SnapCAP is a 32-bit Windows 95 program. It is not compatible nor will it run
under Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroups 3.11. Also, please note that
although SnapCAP is compatible with Windows NT, Play's Snappy is not. Bottom
line: SnapCAP works under Windows 95. Period.

Download a DEMO TIMED version of SnapCap from this page:

David at ArtaMedia suggests editing the snappy.ini file and setting the
PowerSaver to False and the ShowProgress to False for best results.

He also says:
"I've found that a single 9v battery (Duracell) lasts about 600 shots.
DavidCAM takes a picture every 60 seconds, and every morning I used to find
that the video signal had been lost. To alleviate this problem (and expense)
I bought a cheapo transformer from Radio Shack. This really isn't a
recommended solution because the transformer can interfere with the quality
of the video signal. But it's a necessity and seems to work.

Radio Shack 9-volt Battery Eliminator
Cat. No. 273-1552A
Cost: approx. $8 US

I'll be adding all of this info to my web pages soon.

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