CU-SeeMe suddenly quit

Mark L. Bardenwerper (
Sun, 27 Aug 1995 18:25:46 -0700

I am using an evaluation version of Whitepine CU with B&W QuickCam. I
just subscribed to a new provider (some people remember my address as
being that uses PPP. I was using our provider's
reflector (a newly installed color version) the other night when I
suddenly went off the air with a communication error. I checked the text
in the Trumpet Winsock and it said that I had Com Errors. OK, I
understand that I should check my UART on my serial card, but
nonetheless, I should have been able to go back on. No dice. I am getting
a host failure now. I tried to reload CU but it still doesn't want to
work. Did I break something, like a .dll or a driver? Would slowing down
my communicactions prevent this problem from occuring temporarily until I
get a chance to update my serial port? I am using a parallel card to run
my QuickCam, I am using W3.11 on a 486DX2-66 with 8 megs of RAM.
Thank You, Mark L. Bardenwerper
Oshkosh, WI Public Schools