Re: Cornell & Whit Pine reflector compatability

Brian O'Shea (
Tue, 27 Aug 1996 21:02:12 -0400

>I'm hoping to do a live broadcast of a band in full colour (for those
>that can see it), but don't want to exclude those people with Cornell's
>CU-SeeMe client.
>Are the 2 reflector versions smart enough to work out that the video
>feed to a Cornell reflector must be b&w, or is there an option to do
>this manually?


>Basically, can the White Pines reflector send a Cornell compatible
>signal to a Cornell reflector?

Neither the Cornell or White Pine reflectors do any translation of the data
that they forward to/from clients. At least not yet. :-)

What we've done in the past is to setup 2 conferences, one on conference 0
with a B&W feed, and one on conference 1 with a Color feed. Most Cornell
client users will connect to conference 0 by default, and ECU clients will get
the conference list which will let them know the differences between the

This requires that you send 2 feeds to the reflector, which means you need 2
PC's or MAC's, or one of each, of course.

>Thanks in advance,
>Jon Hall


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