Full Duplex SBAwe Drivers

Daniel P. Kamalic (pocky@ceci.mit.edu)
Thu, 29 Aug 96 17:26:55 -0400

We've just downloaded the sbw95up.exe package from
Creative Labs's web site. When we ran it, it uncompressed and its readme.txt
told us to run upddrv95.exe. We did, and restarted, and cu-seeme still gave
us a disabled PTT button. Looking in Preferences in CU-Seeme, it showed
the audio driver as sb16 wave, with no sb32awe to choose from. We went into
system.ini and manually changed (under the [drivers] section) wave1=avmaudio.dr
to wave1=sbawe32.drv. (This driver is indeed in the windows system directory.)
Still, the push to talk button is disabled.

Any ideas, anyone? I's using the WP version.