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Paulo Neves (
Fri, 30 Aug 1996 13:33:29 +0100 (WET DST)

Hello to all.

I'm a rookie with CU-SeeMe. I've just instaled a new reflector.
This is an experimental one. To do some tests I'd like to connect
to one or more of the existing reflectors, in preference at Europe.
Could you point to me some reflectors to connect mine?

And now some questions :-))

1) If I set an UNICAST-REF entry at my config file, and the reflectors
have the same Conference ID, I'll be able to get all the conference
from the remote reflector, won't I? And if the other reflector doesn't have an
UNICAST-REF pointing to mine, the *only* consequence is that all the
clients and reflectors connected to that remote reflector won't be able
to talk/see my reflector's clients, isn't so?

2) I'm interesting in using vat an vic to connect to my reflector.
Suppose I want to permit that people with vat participate in the conference
at my reflector. I just need to add an entry like that:

And who have vat, just need to make an unicast connection to the
reflector host:

I've done that, and at the vat window, it appeared two entries named
"CU-Reflector" and two more with my info. Is it normal? Refmon detects
my maven client.

3) I have CU-SeeMe for Windows, version W0.84B7
The reflector is up an running and I try to connect the CU-SeeMe client.
The log file detects the connection but at the client the connection die.
The client see the MOTD os the reflector but next it receives "no response
from server". This seems very confusing. What's wrong with this?
(if anything is wrong :-)) )

Thanks in advance.
Best regards,
Paulo Neves

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