Re: CU and WP on Same Mac

Craig Prall (
Fri, 30 Aug 1996 09:15:51 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 29 Aug 1996, John Henry Wells wrote:

> Based on Bill Woodland's comments of Wed, Aug 28, 1996:
> > The Cornell version and the White Pine version both put their
> > cuseeme.ini file in the windows directory, which is something I'VE
> > complained about since the first WP version. These two version put
> > different info into the file, and it's possible to get it so screwed up by
> > bouncing back and forth between the two versions that the Cornell version
> > just won't connect to anything.
> I'm wondering if there is an analogous problem on the Macintosh. Since
> installing Enhanced CU-SeeMe (and System 7.5.3 Release 2) I have lost
> audio capabilities which worked fine on the Cornell version (and
> System 7.5 and relating patches). Are there known extension or
> other conflicts between the two versions of CU-SeeMe?

I have them both loaded on a Macintosh (and we just switched from the
Cornell to White Pine reflector. I haven't had any problems with audio
-- or at least no more problems then before. Getting a mike with decent
gain, however, has been a challenge.

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