RE: CU and WP on Same Mac

Mark Farone (Mark_Farone@SFA.UFL.EDU)
30 Aug 1996 11:16:50 -0500

>Based on Bill Woodland's comments of Wed, Aug 28, 1996:
>> The Cornell version and the White Pine version both put their
>> cuseeme.ini file in the windows directory, which is something I'VE
>> complained about since the first WP version. These two version put
>> different info into the file, and it's possible to get it so screwed up by
>> bouncing back and forth between the two versions that the Cornell version
>> just won't connect to anything.
>I'm wondering if there is an analogous problem on the Macintosh. Since
>installing Enhanced CU-SeeMe (and System 7.5.3 Release 2) I have lost
>audio capabilities which worked fine on the Cornell version (and
>System 7.5 and relating patches). Are there known extension or
>other conflicts between the two versions of CU-SeeMe?

You don't really expect PC Bill to answer this one, do you? ;)

The audio problems you are having are probably not related to using ECU and CU
on the same Mac. More likely is the use of Open Transport, which appears to
be a source of audio difficulties and video update problems. For me, these
problems have been sporadic. Audio between platforms is also a problem when
the settings are set to a lower rate on a PC than the Mac can understand them.

(BTW--has anyone produced a FAQ focusing on cross-platform issues with

The two programs should not interfere with each other since they have
different preference file names. You will experience a problem if you try to
run both of them at the same time since only one program can access the serial
port at a time.

I am not sure if there are any extension conflicts with the programs--this
would be a wonderful addition to the documentation, if 3rd party problems
exist. There are known problems with using the software and Virtual Memory
being turned 'on'. Also, both pieces of software seem more sluggish with file
sharing turned 'on'.

Mark Farone