Re: I've Learn alot. . .

Ulrich Kliegis (
Fri, 30 Aug 1996 19:58:30 +0100

> > 1. Is it possible to use on my end a color (which I have) on my
> > end and another user using a b&w camera? I know that I'll only
> > receive b&w, Will the other person receive color?
> If they're running the commercial version (White Pines), the other
> party will receive color.
I still have to see color :(. I have WP2.02 installed. I send B/W
(Quickcam) and see blank windows with megatons of data streaming in.
The info box says that the other party is sending in color - I only
can't see it, the video window of color senders remains blank here.

Anything I overlooked?

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