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Sat, 31 Aug 1996 17:43:54 -0500

>Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 22:15:52 +1000
>From: David Tangye <>
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>Subject: NT problem
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>Hi all,
>Just loaded CU_Seeme onto NT 3.51.
>Every IP address I try gives a dialog box 'No response from (ip
>What gives? The ip addresses are pasted from the web pages that
>show the reflectors, with the count of lurkers and transmitters and
>time last used etc; so I am assuming I am feeding the correct ip
>address into cu-seeme.

IF you're using the Cornell version, it comes with a DEFAULT receive rate of
300kbps, and modem users can't receive that fast. This causes a lot of the
"No Response" messages.

IF you have no video capture device, you will have to use NOTEPAD to edit
c:\windows\cuseeme.ini to adjust these settings. Make sure CU-SeeMe is
CLOSED before doing this. Look for the [flow] section, and change the
settings like this:

[Flow Control]

Use 19 if you have a 14.4 modem, instead of the 28 that you see above. Save
the file, and restart CU-seeMe. This should help quite a bit.

If you're using the White PIne version, you can change these settings from
Edit/Preferences, under the "Communications" tab, whether you have a video
capture device or not.

If your settings are correct already, try connecting to the same reflector 3
or 4 times in succession...this seems to help sometimes, too.

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