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>I e-mailed connectix asking them a few things about there black@white
>acmera, they would not answer any of my questions. maybe some one out there
>can. does the camera in the little ball have a standard video output. I
>wanted to be able to add a jack on the ball so I could plug in a better
>camera. some people tell me its a special camera and I couldn't sub. it. I
>also thaught about inputing a camcorder. has anyone ever taken the ball
>apart to see whats inside? I want to use it on a laptop. thanks for any help!!

The Connectix Quickcam is a digital camera, and it plugs right into the
parallel port on a PC. It does NOT have any way to connect a different type
of camera. To do this would require a VIDEO CAPTURE card to be installed
inside the computer, which you can't do on a laptop. You COULD, however,
use a SNAPPY, a Camcorder, and CUDOODLE on the laptop. See my web page for
more SNAPPY and CUDOODLE info.

There is a web page that shows the inside of the Quickcam, if you're still
interested. It's at

More info on the Quickcam is available at the parent directory there...

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