More connection problems

David Tangye (
Sun, 01 Sep 1996 13:26:45 +1000

Bill Woodland (Squeek) wrote:
> IF you're using the Cornell version, it comes with a DEFAULT receive rate of
> 300kbps, and modem users can't receive that fast. This causes a lot of the
> "No Response" messages.
> IF you have no video capture device, you will have to use NOTEPAD to edit
> c:\windows\cuseeme.ini to adjust these settings. Make sure CU-SeeMe is
> CLOSED before doing this. Look for the [flow] section, and change the
> settings like this:
> [Flow Control]
> MaxCap=28
> MinCap=10
> MaxRecvCap=28
> MinRecvCap=10
> CurrentRecvCap=0
> UseFlowControl=Yes
> Use 19 if you have a 14.4 modem, instead of the 28 that you see above. Save
> the file, and restart CU-seeMe. This should help quite a bit.

Thanks Bill, I did this and am now receiving - probably because of this change.

> If you're using the White PIne version, you can change these settings from
> Edit/Preferences, under the "Communications" tab, whether you have a video
> capture device or not.

Is White Pine better? $$? Where do I get it from?

ps Another issue just came up.
Now on reconnecting to the reflector, I am getting another 2 messages -

'Adjust max xmit rate to 30kb/sec'


'Not allowed onto this reflector.'

I have no camera, so should NOT BE transmitting. What gives now?

Thanks again