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Fri, 01 Aug 1997 17:20:14 -0300


Rick wrote in part:


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I just wanted to say we really need to get back to the purpose of this

That is my 2 bits....

So here is a tasty tidbit, you guys may already know this, but I have not
seen it posted, just the junk stuff, but White Pines is doing a complete
remake of their Reflector Program. It will be out some time close to the
end of the month. I have heard, form their techs that the new program
will accept video from all Video Conf software. We do not have to be tied
to Cornell or WP Clients.



Hate to say this but ver 2.1 of wp ref was a major re-write of earlier
versions. My win95 2.1 ref still has problems ie fatal crashes that not
even Bill W or Brian could help me with (And I thank them for trying) let
alone wp tech support.

Here is looking forward to a new version that works. Pardon me if I wait
unless a few of ya try it out and kick the tires! :) I feel rather burnt
to the tune of $1,000.00 Canadian at the moment.