Re: Four11,ICQ

Rolf Hemmerling (
Fri, 01 Aug 1997 08:09:41 +0200

Dr. Robert G. Burroughs wrote:
> Hi,
> i downloaded the cuseeme software and unzipped it but i get error
> messages and a message that says that i have problems with the regestry
> and that i need to download four11 again. how can i correct this
> problem and can i download four11 separately?
> robert

Think about installation of the ICQ service, too

Both tools allow You to find friends currently online (although they
just own a dynamic IP), and to let friends find You !

Look at my homepage about iphone directories, cuseeme refs, ICQ,
Four11,.. (You may check whether I am online, for testing)

My Cu-Seeme homepage


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